About Skywoods

Skywoods is in the business of innovative veneers for luxury transportation. Our clients demand the highest degree of quality in furnishings and joinery. Always on the lookout for clean and efficient products, we came up with a new hi-tech veneer construction process that meets the stringent weight regulations, material flexibility and fire-retardant capabilities of today’s aircraft completion requirements.

The idea was to replace the crossed-veneer ply with a thin aluminum sheet, to shed weight, gain flexibility, and avoid using fire-retardant salts. This resulted in a new product called “Skywood”.

For added flexibility, another product was created using micro-cracking technology to soften the material. Dubbed “Leatherwood”, it is a laminate that can be bent to radii as tight as ten millimeters without breaking. It is comparable to paper-core flexible veneers on the market, but unlike them, it complies with 60-second vertical burn tests, thanks to the embedded aluminum sheet.

Latest News

Upcoming article in VIP TRANSPORT

VIP TRANSPORT magazine will be talking about SKYWOODS in their winter issue.


New site is up!

We are proud of offering you a new insight on Skywoods with our brand new site. It is still under construction but will shortly be up and running